Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tomtom Windows Mobile

all starts when you stretch your arm toward the fruit bowl to catch something. An orange. Touch an orange.

The squeeze gently with your fingers to be tempting your taste buds doing to imagine the taste of each segment before even seeing them.

Once on your plate, grab the knife with his right hand and hold the orange with his left. With an effort of the fingers, pulling the orange surround the first piece of skin, utterly, stripping the defenseless are protected dropping fruit juice soft splash wetting your hand.

The knife cuts through the skin, lifting, creating a graceful spiral-shaped orange and white as you discovered inside the fruit.

skin falls on the plate, the orange is between your fingers to gently begin to separate one of those segments that were placed so perfect.

You tear one and you put your whole mouth in a perfect treat. Bite and spread the liquid all over your mouth, around your hungry tongue and down your throat.

Swallow. Orange look again that you've already forgotten, counting the segments that you will slowly devouring.


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