Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Does Toothpaste Make You Thirsty

That damn smell ... A successful mix of pine air freshener, heat and aroma of various human dwarf in a cubicle for several hours. Is introduced into your stomach through the nose or mouth and fills your body for several hours.

And are hours. Hours they got there stuck, sitting motionless, unable to change the leg position or to stand up as the lady next seat has slept since the voyage began. Hours.

The body is compressed. The stomach can not endure more pressure and your whole body is concentrated in the throat, trying to avoid rebellion your bowels. Decide to stand still without moving any of your dormant muscles, trying to anticipate every bump and suffering all the bus is finding.
The body is weakened. Rest your face against the glass. You should not. Feel the cold on your cheek and look at the road, the desert. The lampposts and telephone whiz, each of them hitting your face like a hammer.

look down with eyes only. Trying to avoid. Move the wrist to look at the clock. Yet to be hours.


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