Friday, June 5, 2009

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Nano Acevedo Julio Zegers

Born in April 1944, Julio Zegers was the only singer and composer who has twice won the Festival de Viña del Mar. In 1970 " Magdalena song "and in 1973 with" The Passengers, two verses and songs full of metaphors, which managed to reach the mass public.
In 1983 he returned to appear in Vina with the theme "The story of the wolf", no doubt this time it does so in essence part of the New Song movement .
Songwriter that marked times but still in place as part of national folklore, released after 21 years, his third album called "Songs of the Author" which includes twelve songs written by him and one based on the poem by Vicente Huidobro.
While engaged in the design, advertising and architecture, music remains an important part in his life and that has never stopped composing


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