Monday, September 7, 2009

Indoor Kitchen Taps To Hoses


wampa with other artists, make up rmed the heroic cast germ the "new song." Together, not only kept alive the musical tradition of the rock carp from the Queen, but who displayed a democratic space open to all expressions of art, unprecedented in the years 1974-75 in the midst of horror. More unprecedented in this, if you think about the cultural malaise that breathes, that among other symptoms more or less important, is only the finding that those who govern are still powerful serving, which still retain their privileges impunity at the expense of the vast majority still do not visible on the horizon the benefits of the return to democracy.

Members: Marcelo Puebla, Sergio Teran , Rodolfo Olea, Alarcón Sigfredo , Dante Cuadra, Arturo Arancibia, A. Manuel González , interpret tiple, charango, guitar, flute, flute, bass leguero , kultrun , congas and accessories.

(New Song On view: "Canto Nuevo, an ancient history" by Nano Acevedo)


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