Monday, October 19, 2009

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spontaneously in the 80's New Song, Veronica Gonzalez appeared to be a familiar figure in those circuits youth music, poetry and political and social protest as their contemporary ballad singing and Isabel Aldunate, Cristina Gonzalez and Rosario Salas. His permanent travel outward and return journeys put her more as an artist passing through Chile and was influenced by many sounds that determined their place in the world: a world music, known in Europe and in Germany, their place of residence as world music.
With his guitar, his voice and the magic of his music, Veronica Gonzalez traveled to many places of European geography to inject pace and joy to the old continent. Chilean artist is an ambassador of American music and culture, but with a very personal style with which he builds bridges between cultures of different continents. Since its Chile to Mosambique through Mexico, India, Germany ... his musical magic knows no boundaries. She still traveling the roads of Germany, so take a quick look at Veronica's concert calendar on your website. You may get lucky and soon find the guitar just around the corner. Http://


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