Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Veronica Gonzalez Pablo Herrera

The first act of 1983 and Herrera is called Awakening , with clear influences of the movement in vogue then, the new song. It was in this context that the young composer was moving after he personally approached the singer Hugo Moraga to make him guitar and composition.

That first album independently, successfully circulated enough for the multinational company EMI decided to hire him. In 1986 Herrera was right to stamp on for his first hit on the radio: "Between Two Walls", included in their self-titled album. Love songs with a strong prominence of the guitar were his letter of presentation, although presented in venues such as Café del Cerro, always stayed out of policy options that distinguish these spaces.

Two years later, traces , Herrera ventured into an area of \u200b\u200bexperimental and conceptual fusion that surprised his fans and appalled his seal. His compositional style, then turned to the ballad relating near and in 1992, after winning second place in Viña del Mar Festival launched Above.
(Gabriela Bade


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