Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Beanie Knitting Pattern

Luis Alberto Ruiz Valdivia, better known as Pato Valdivia. Musician, composer, poet and artistic producer in Chile. One of the greatest artists of the so-called New Song. Is part of Illapu in 1971. In 1975 a group Coven. Along the same year Nano Acevedo, Osvaldo Torres Isabel Aldunate and founded the "Group of Chile's New Song." His work as author and composer interpreted by Coven, Isabel AdĂșnate, Grupo Abril, Capri and others. Are innumerable awards, travel and artistic productions of this extraordinary musician Chile. Collaborated with countless musicians in Chile and Latin America. His most notable ones toward the end of his life were done with Illapu. He is the creator of themes emblematic of the group. With the group April immortalizes the beautiful track "Seed." A multiple artist that leaves a great void in the national environment artisco died in 2005.


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