Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Guaita'ls ska band - 3G 2011

Pep Valls Xavi Mota
Pol Maisto Oñate-
Jursu keyboard and guitar
Trumpet King-Roger-Marcus Google Bataca
alto sax-tenor sax Codina

We have already finished recording the third album, which is called 3G. The disc

3G a step forward musically, thanks to new arrivals, young musicians of great talent with the experience of seniors form a band of 10 people playing Jamaican music from the roots, without forgetting where you are. Ska, rocksteady and reggae that makes everyone shake wherever they play with this album and bring even more energy directly to your homes.

The recipe is as follows: extracted from Jamaican ska, a pinch of soul energy and brief snippets of jazz, all cooked and wrapped with a layer of modernity. This shapes the music Guaita'ls that converges in a literary world and close everyday.

appeared in early 2005, the album "Scooter Riders' marks the starting line of the ska band's oldest active Occidental. This line combines ska classic with issues of early reggae, rocksteady and ska Style Two Tone.

Their second album, "Despite Everything", released recently following the line above, further deepening the roots of Jamaican music including addition, dub style.

Guaita'ls are currently immersed in the creative process and will be recording their third album. A step forward in his career in music.

The band, consisting of ten members, poses a direct and powerful public holiday, without forgetting the quality of music, a vital element for all members.

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download cd: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3TZUG2TK


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