Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30/30 Marlin Winnipeg

am waiting I can not fly

There is a value that only arises at dawn, still sleepless. Or maybe it's the opposite, perhaps to live safely insecure and cowardly the body needs from time to time to vent a little courage and until it has been triggered can not sleep peacefully.
Sometimes it's frustrating because at 2 am there are few things that risk or open. You know when you're in bed staring at the ceiling unable to sleep thinking about all the things you should dare to say or do ... You get up, take a walk and looking as if it were a drug a way out of doing something you regret and possibly dismayed day next.
But from time to time, these small moments are stupid brave Lucid well, but by chance. Ideally, namely channel them into their appropriate times, release the next brave when needed, not suppress it until you need to explode at the wrong time or do it subtly, desahogandote in a stupid blog entry.


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