Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Thank You Email Ok After An Interview

Carlos Alemany

Musico panpipes, Chilean painter and songwriter, with a history of thirty-two year career as do artists. Farmer and promoter of Andean music, geography, landscape painter of the Chilean and Latin American roots singer-songwriter. In its musical production has with nearly six hundred items, which many of them are registered in eight productions ZampoƱisimo record labels ... ... ... Reflections in the highlands of the Andes to Liverpool ... ZampoƱa in the wind ... purple ... ... Latin America in the Andean suggestiveness Fall burlap ... cold. As an artist, has made numerous presentations and exhibitions nationally and abroad, allowing it to be cultural representative of Latin America in different scenarios. Carlos Alemany currently serves as professor of music and painting, forming cultural workshops and giving advice to groups of folk roots. Thanks Carlos for your great contribution to music and especially the beginning of Canto Nuevo. / carlosallemany


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