Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book About Hemochromatosis

Studying in Israel


is your Opportunity!

Learn the Word of Adonai
in: Israeli Institute "Darkei Tikvah"
based in the city of Tel Aviv.

unique experience with teachers
-messianic Jews in Castilian! Excursions to places

Bible studies and "in situ"


sowing the word to different ethnic groups.

experience that changed his life and ministry

Jewish Culture:
Traditional festivals, symbology, dates and explanations.

Hebrew Roots:
where you will find names and Jewish ancestors, sfaradies, etc.

History of the Scriptures:
trips to the scene, Beersheva, Well of Abraham, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Sea of \u200b\u200bGalilee, Jordan River
, and much more! Prophecy and dispensations

Modern Life in Israel:
The Prophecy Fulfilled! The first world in the scientific development

Hebrew Language:
speak, write and want to be protected Hebrew and in ancient times.
(Official Ulpan studies with title granted by the State of Israel)

as the prophecies are fulfilled in our day and messianic perspective

as public speaking, preaching and prepare messages

Training Ministerial
and Much More!

Academic Director: Dr. Angel Gerber

course of 6 months diploma course.
support and social integration in Israel. Possibility of Economic bedroom
with students
Congregation and messianic fellowship with believers.
Spiritual Growth and expansion of knowledge. Volunteering
our NGO.
attach to his residence in Israel during the study period with possibility of renewal
the second level.


Over 21 years medical certificates of health, physical and mental health, travel insurance, air tickets
trip, pastoral letter of recommendation (at least 1 anions in the Church)
Languages \u200b\u200bmanagement : basic English
holding ability and teamwork
afford personal expenses and airfare. Photographs
passport (4), Curriculum studies and personal testimony of salvation. For permission
student visa, Israel asks to check
economic support for maintenance procedures during stay in Israel. (Credit cards, banks etc)

Cost of training: 2500 USD (6 months in Israel) including visa
study tours in Israel

Starting dates: January 17, 2011
Register Now!
Information and registration:


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