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Why Do I Wake Up Every Morning Congested

What is a Messianic Jew?

IS a Messianic Jew?

Pr Angel Gerber

This question I have made hundreds of times and just cause

there are many people say to themselves "Messianic Jews" ... without even Jewish!

Some pastors have written me saying that some assumptions

messianic Jews have divided their congregations planted Judaizing doctrines (such as circumcision, kosher meals, wearing kippah, etc)

Other questions examined me, I believe in Jesus and confess as

Salvador, believing that Messianic Jews are a sect or


some new doctrinal movement.

Well, way to respond ...

Messianic Jew is a brother who is of Jewish origin either father or mother, who may be Jewish or not

(Israeli is a citizen of the state of Israel) accepted and recognized in his life

Yeshua (JESUS \u200b\u200bhebreode original name) as the true Messiah prophesied in the scripture

worth mentioning that the early church or the book of Acts was composed only of Messianic Jews,

ie Jews who believed in the Messiah and surprising at the time, was that a Gentile is part of these believers

MESSIANIC call ourselves WHY?

Judaism has 2 streams:

1 .- The rabbinate rabbinical governed by the laws (halajah) and the Talmud (oral law)

This in turn has many internal flows such as Orthodox, Reform, masortit, etc.

reject the New Testament and Yeshua in Israel while pursuing a messianic believers and reject

to the Gentiles

2 .- Messianic Judaism governed only by the writings

old and new covenant of faith in Yeshua

Therefore Messianic Judaism is quite different from the rabbinic Judaism

The Messianic Jew can keep some things in the Old Testament for its culture and tradition while not

contrary to the precepts of Messiah and the Brit Hajadasha

For example: You can not make sacrifices for sin, Yeshua was our best sacrifice! ... You

every celebration or party has for the Jewish messianic special value to be able to see the Messiah Yeshua

in every detail, and not just tradition and mandate of men, but found a veil that allows

see the figure of Adonai Anointed Tabernacle on every corner!

Messianic Jews in Israel NOS ensenianzas fully identified with the Messiah and live as Jews


Some ask me - Pastor Kipa you use? (Hat tradicionalJudio)

Well, in some cases if not to offend my neighbor, or should I be at a memorial or celebration important

but not something that is also mandatory in the Jewish ... NO JESUS \u200b\u200b USABA KIPA

Bible I have found support throughout the writing for the use of the Messianic Jewish kippa,

but neither is "sin" to use, look to use that does not save anyone. .. if you like to use it!

THE Jewish rabbis, the symbol used in addition to having to God "s on his life, as a symbol of mourning and grief for the destruction of the temple ...

But if I use" Talitha "which is the traditional garment of prayer, the same used by the prophets, Yeshua and all Jewish men


That mantle is placed over their heads when praying or reading the Torah and IF scriptural support base and

not intended to create any point of doctrine and that some will feel angry with my words,

but we live so vast majority of messianic Jews in Israel ... not dressed up in cults and

believe the same thing you


We play the shofar (ram's horn) when the Spirit tells us so, is not a simple instrument, but a weapon of spiritual warfare

(Remember Jerico)


NO, missing the main condition is that of Judaism, but can be "MESSIANIC

This means recognizing the Jewish roots of Christian faith

RESTORED Some also called for restoration of the roots of faith in the true doctrine which was Israel, not Rome

The mistake here is to believe that if Jewish is "more spiritual" or is closer to God ... THAT IS WRONG

Please read I Corinthians 7: 17 to 24 that is our base

If you met the Savior being Gentile, Glory to God! Now we

ONE BODY, those born in the faith of Yeshua, regardless

physical origin or source


That does not mean you should stop loving Jewish symbols or

study the roots of faith, on the contrary! Now MAS must love the Jews

pray for Israel and say to the Church of the debt to Israel

Look at the things that Israel gave to humanity: The Bible and the Messiah

Salvador of sins

In return the church to Israel?

With persecution of Jews in Espania

with a pope who supported Hitler and Nazism, with anti-Semitism in some leaders

So today the Jews did not want to hear anything from the "Christian"

-Pastor and if I love and am much Judaism 100% Christian

I do? Having

balance, great balance and responsibility


Kehila Our motto in Tel Aviv is "No Jews in

convert Christians or Christian Jews"

is to learn the mystery the Church and in his glory comprendre Yeshua made of 2 people ONE!


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