Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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jamaica in the world-

Hey everybody. Cheers again from Caracas - Venezuela. Is an honor and very good again be here doing this musical selections.
hope you'll enjoy it.

If you want know more about the band played here or if you question You Can Have Some writter to my email: @ gmail

Thanks a month then stopped by personal occupations return with episode # 13 in Jamaica the world, where I finally got brand new discs like "A Thousand Faces" Yellow Umbrella, "In the Studio Vol.2" from THREE SEVEN or more recent work of people like Tony Chin or Prince Fatty. Some rarities such as the one made by the Israelis or the subject Explosive Hoodska THE CAT of Jump with Joey recorded in Japan in those golden years for Californians led by Joey Altruda

course hear something from Japan, by the way, my deepest respect and my sympathy to the people of this beautiful country by the tsunami Sendai and surrounding areas devastated. Japan country that means a lot to this music in the world, without which the Caribbean was death. What better than to honor the country listening to two bands of the highest quality: A THREE SEVEN of the underground scene in Kyoto and Japan in the waters of traditional ska and other gods: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. All the best for the country's Far East. That and

much more is what you get in this Jamaica in the World podcast dedicated to issues of "cinematography" global issues of TV series for some reason caused welcome and were taken and brought to the SKA, as well as new releases, and mentioned "oddities."

Thank you all and you know, write to: rudboyska800@gmail.com for other suggestions and requests, with all the world like I will be reading and answering your emails.

Thanks again.

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?y94kt9n2wzlsq2g

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?y94kt9n2wzlsq2g


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