Thursday, March 24, 2011

Completed Community Service Letter Sample

Ongaku Ska Podcast # 50-A Hope for Japan-

Hello everybody. This new Ongaku
ska is dedicated to all people in Japan.
To all wonderfull country.

In honor and tribute to all japanese people, friends and bands this musical selection with beautiful songs for Japan.

Ganbatte Kudasai. Nippon

----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

50 episodes of Ongaku Ska and although this issue is not just made with the excitement and energy always by the tragedy in Japan, it is made with love and good vibes to all those people and all that great nation which personally fills me with great satisfaction and more even in music, so this podcast takes a selection of topics, attached to the spirit of positivism, to honor those who died and faith for Japan to move forward. Thanks

Skapontas - The Perfect Place
Miceteeth - One small humming to big pining
FRISCO - Spirit
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Day by Day
Hakase-Sun - Sky Song
Little Tempo - Skyhigh
TUFF SESSION - Oyasuminasai
LEYONA - ひかり の うた
Bonobos - Thank you for your music
Hanaregumi - Jamaica
EGO-WRAPPIN Song - Whole world
Happy Kaori Kobayashi - Solar
Rocking Time – Love comes from the unexpected place
Mimmi – Happy Song
The Ska Flames – Taiyou
Determinations – Sweet night dew
Mule train – Breeze of West
COOL WISE MAN – Melody Life (Likkle Mai)
Tokyo SKA Paradise Orchestra – Better days gonna come


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