Saturday, March 21, 2009

Swollen Parotid Glands


Gilad is a young soldier kidnapped by Hamas in an invasion of Israeli territory for more than 1000 days.
The terrorist government is asking for more than 1000 Palestinian prisoners (some d TThhee convicted of murders and perpetrators of attacks against Israel)

Below I transcribe the letter of Aviva, Gilad's mother wrote to his son this week:

Hello my child, hello Gilad,

I sit here in a tent on the corner of a street in Jerusalem. Nearly a thousand days have passed without you by my side. For nearly a thousand nights I have not seen the light in the room, or in my life.

For almost a thousand days ago I have not seen your smile, the smile of a child to awaken a new day. The smile of a child who loves life. Someone who is part of me.

For almost a thousand days I dreamed of you at night, I thought as I tend to gardening, something I must do I'm not going crazy.

Almost a thousand days ... and every hour, every minute, every second is an eternity.

I sit in the tent at the gates of the prime minister's house, surrounded by the people of Israel, is immersed in a sea of love and support, while my heart just one question still haunts: Where are you?

And my voice is not heard. I yell. But my eyes and my heart screaming roars the country's leaders: "Please release my son!" Bring it back to me, mother. "

been almost three years. A lot of things happened Gilad, but really, nothing happened.

For nearly three years, have sat at home, hoping not to be exposed, my privacy protected, only to myself ... and Gilad, what is the place where the celebration that you like? Do you see the light of day? Are they looking after you? What to eat? Does it hurt? How do I count the days?

my country hoped to fulfill the commitment between me, the mother of his son to send the army, and powers, but have not returned.

And here, the thousandth day is coming and you still there, "buried alive" in the cruel coldness of Hamas.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister said he could not bring him back. The price is too high. They want a lot for you. You deserve a fortune. The price is too high, too high for the country for which you went on a mission.

Gilad, to go on his behalf by the prime minister and his ministers and plead: "Enough!" Please stop! " Gilad is the site of Mitzpe Hila. This is their home and this is where it belongs. Me. Us. Do not abandon him. He does not deserve.

waited when exhausted all possible options, but I can not wait. Every beat of my heart that you call, every breath I breathe you yearn for. Please, I want my son.

Gilad, in your name, I appeal to all mothers in Gaza. There are mothers with heart pain there too, waiting for their children. Demand for part of its commitment to the leaders and bring back those who can. Pressure, so that the door to the love of parents to their children, open and perhaps with it, the door to peace.

Gilad, I hold you, hold you close to me and to the bosom of his family. I would like to return, as a united family, to our comfortable anonymity that it once had. I love my son, Gilad. Aviva Schalit

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