Friday, May 14, 2010

Before And Afterartic Images

The Kal Group

One type of social singing guided more by the mood of the speech was a fresh contribution to the duo Los Straps political song of the 70 and 80 in Chile. His work is usually confined to the boom phase of Canto Nuevo, but by the time of the UP and Rene Eduardo Sep├║lveda Figueroa encouraged clubs and festivals with songs on herself the "pace of irony", which various points of kinship with groups such as Indian or Urban Transport.
The sobreintelectualizaci├│n and solemnity were the two vices of the political edge against which the proposed Straps battle. The group never had to go to resorts in popular rhythms such as waltzes, corridos, and polkas guajiras, or admit his love singers like Adam and Raphael. His verses were occupied before the situation of the Chilean means of their own experiences, and it is amazing the effect they are having to decades of gestation. Not in those early years of employment or later, under dictatorship, the group had more promotional claims, which explains in part his acclaimed repertoire only can be found in a cassette, and print.


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