Monday, May 10, 2010

What Do The Colours Of The Bands Mean

Kal born in 1981 taking its name in honor of the first student organization of democratization of the Catholic University of Chile, the Open Meeting of Letters (CAL) , Since then he has presented in the most important country artists performing with the prestige of Mercedes Sosa, Victor Heredia, Vicente Feliu, Tito Fernandez, Fernando Ubiergo, among many others. His work has been recognized in the most important country in the top earning Festivals Olmué (1987), Carahue (1987), Patagonia (1991), Viña del Mar (1993), Musicanto - Brazil (1995), La Pampilla (1998), The Harvest (2007). Besides a lot of trophies over the country and abroad. Today, Kal wants to return to the beginning and set aside to strengthen the festivals years of work taking possession in the musical as a group that seeks the global reach of the Chilean music ( / grupokal)


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