Friday, May 7, 2010

Comments To Write Inside Wedding Cards

Straps Wet Wood

Wet Wood was the first serious attempt to make music. We did our own songs in a symphonic rock style Andean " Puelma recounts one of the founders of the group. La Quinta Vergara, Caupolicán Theatre and the auditorium of the University Federico Santa Maria were scenarios that the group stepped into his short life. Never officially recorded anything. "It was very difficult and we were all students, so that no one hundred percent dedicated to the group," recalls the singer.
The group emerged in 1976, formed by Raul Cruzat on acoustic guitar, voice and composition, Thomas Keller in flute, voice and composition, Giancarlo Bregante on electric guitar and composition; Mauro Bregante on bass, Juan Manuel Martinez on drums and Francisco Puelma piano, keyboards, vocals and composition.
In a second attempt to continue with Wet Wood joined on electric guitar Patricio Vasquez six and twelve string and Miguel Angel Gandy on bass, vocals and composition.


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