Sunday, January 9, 2011

Badcramps How Many Advils Can I Take

was an initial trio formed by José Miguel Marambio, Oscar Larraín and George Edwards, who left Chile to journey across the continent and in 1978 reached Brazil. They coined the name South winds to start playing since 1979 in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo, where the same year they were joined by flutist Carlos Little Johnson, also Chilean. In his

roam the continent piled South American folk instruments, including flutes, charango, bass drums and percussion Brazilian. The group performed in 1979 in the theater Getulio Vargas of Sao Paulo, joined the local group Tarancón and the following year recorded his first album, stamped paulista Crazy: The South Winds LP (1980), which contains a wild Latin sound acoustic instruments and contains the first version of''Margaritas.'' South winds

returned to Chile in 1981. Joined the scene of the Canto Nuevo entrenched. In this context Vientos del Sur in Chile recorded their second album, At the top of the mountain (1982). Later played music at various Chilean poets and name of the group is transformed to South Wind, tending this SuSeSo formations.


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