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Podcast Jamaica in the world: THE BEST OF 2010 (Part I)

¡Hello everybody!
Here Rafael from Caracas – Venezuela put good ska, reggae and rocksteady in this podcast named: Jamaica in the world.
Happy new year to all friends in the world. Thanks, many thanks for downloaded and listened my podcast in the last year, I’m very pleased. Thanks
This is the first part of the special review from the best released edited in 2010 (the best albums for me) 2 hours of many ska, reggae and good music.
‘ll hope do you can enjoy it.
Feliz año gente, again return to the "microphone" to try to select the best music possible and try to discuss the most appropriate information regarding the bands placed. Many thanks to each and every one of you to listen to this podcast, from friends here in the city of Caracas to people in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and others. Thank you so much. 2011
For this I hope to continue bringing great music, to be his or her companion soundtrack more enjoyable under any mood or engaged in any activity, no music, no life and splendor and more are yet no Jamaican music enjoyment and pleasure.
Here is the first summary of the past year 2010 (in my humble opinion and discretion) the best (or some of the best) albums released last year 2010, very productive year which were published more than 63 new releases worldwide. From New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand through the Mediterranean and arriving in Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, crossing the "pond" to the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and to Argentina, this will be a pleasant and enjoyable musical ride with extraordinary musical ideas that work and share their creativity and musical approach to the world for us to enjoy this magical music.
Soon I'll be uploading the second part, with another couple of hours and a musical ride with the best of last year.
You know, comments, suggestions or requests framed within the concept of podast:
1. Baby Love & the Van Dang - Friday Night, Saturday Nigh (Denmark)
2. Irie Maffia - Jah Watching (Hungary)
3. Mr T Bone - Coconuts Limbo (Italy)
4. Sly & Robbie - You've got a friend in my (England / Jamaica)
5. Easy Stars All Stars with Michael G - Everybody Wants To Be a cats (USA)
6. Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers - How deep is your love (Japan)
7. EL ARCA - Bon Voyage (Venezuela)
8. Train's Tone - Misty (France)
9. Markscheider Kunst - Drugi gorod (Russia)
10. Cultura Profetica - Low tension (Puerto Rico)
11. Skatroniks Jamaica - Tek it eezy (England)
12. Satellite Kingston - The Enemy (Argentina)
13. THE BEATDOWN - One Night (Canada)
14. The Soursop - The Wild (Mexico)
15. The Moon Invaders - Strange Little Angel (Belgium)
16. Ska D Lite - Do it right (Netherlands)
17. Polemic - Uz idu (Slovakia)
18. Kingston Rudieska - Ska Bless You (South Korea)
19. Smooth Beans - The Road of Cherokee (Spain / Cantabria)



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