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Recalling the 30 years of New Canto (2008) South wind


Nelson Interview Schwenke, Schwenke y Nilo integral, during 30 years of so-called Canto Nuevo, held on October 11, 2008, at the Teatro Caupolicán.

- What do you think is the area now, the New Song? Join
-Chilean musical spectrum, a higher current, without exception and with the certainty that will be assessed as part of the country's cultural identity. In that Chile has changed, it would be more cautious, because I perceive the changes of form than of substance.

- How do you see the country, then?
-rescue that there is greater tolerance, diversity and eclecticism. But the fetish, the installation of "having things" become useless artifacts, carelessness and cause us a big frustration. We heard in our concerts, nostalgia for the time when "we fought for our ideals," the feeling of being excluded from the tribe is something present in every moment. The enemy is not as concrete thing (granitic said the Fuhrer). System is now embedded in our ways of life: Capitalism exacerbated eternal unpayable debt, the amount of daily living, you have to pay to be socially acceptable, and so on. In this not agree with those who, having authority, no changes have enabled the right direction, but on the contrary, have maintained and enhanced a system, relegating persons behind things.

- How to spend a large stage as the Theatre Caupolicán after a story closer to more intimate and cozy places like Café del Cerro?
- The Café del Cerro, Rincon de Azocar, Café Ulm, Casona de San Isidro, La Kamarundi, etc., There were small spaces. Were huge spaces where could all the pain of a people that had to be reset from the ashes. Where he trained an entire generation that never knew about politics, human rights and universal values \u200b\u200bin these areas had the opportunity to learn to live without hatred or resentment. The Caupolicán is only slightly larger.

- What is for you the substantial difference between the Chilean and New Song New Song? Not to mention that one derives from the other.
- The main difference is the historical context. Furthermore, we understand the Canto Nuevo as a commercial sign to differentiate in their historical context post-stroke. Still pending is a sociological analysis of this "movement", which would be helpful.

- Do you think that after the New Song has been a movement that approximates the strength and artistic conviction that you had?
- At some point I thought the Chilean rock could be established as a movement to produce changes in cultural behavior of Chileans. But I fear that was only part of an economic system that took it as a product of sale. which is extracted the bone and is sold by pate. We must wait. I trust the work of songwriters. There are many and few media spaces. New Song added that the cannot had a political responsibility and that in most cases was an element of combat against the military dictatorship, which allowed the strength and conviction were inherent the objectives of artistic endeavor. Those who did not understand well, were lost on the road.
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