Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful Woman With Fullfacemask

The thin line between life and death lessons on human rights

Today, Friday 16 January, was in front of my pc on my home answering some e-mails of suspected "Cristiano" ( http://www. / emails.html ) when the alarm sounded attack ...
we all ran to the shelter room and take my camera ... captures the last seconds of the alarm and 2 huge explosion that hit close to home. Panic
My family, my children shocked, neighbors running and looking for their children ...

will try to upload the video camera was not digital, so take some time.
I want to answer all PRO Palestinians who speak of poor and defenseless Palestinian civilians ...

FIRST: Poor by his brothers prefer rich in oil use as a tool of pressure against Israel. Such as: all the powers around Israel Arab swimming in oil are not able to help their brothers??

SECOND: The 2 missiles that shot me this noon (now if the war is against me and my family) are not FREE ... cost thousands of dollars. If the Palestinians instead of spending millions of dollars on bomb us, we will use for its population, would be 1000 times better ... Summarizing

WAS NOT YOUR poor Palestinian civil or poor that bombing my house, my neighborhood ...

a terrorist who was well armed, trained, civilian clothes are cleverly disguised to put your feelings on your part.
not be complicit in these MURDERERS


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