Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trufflestruffettes De Francewhere To Buy

Liberona Patricio began in sets of folk roots in the late '60s and has spent most of his work in music scene, but Patrick has always shown concern for exceeding those limits. The song, theater, acting, writing, painting, sculpture and crafts scripts are played by the author, a man who after integration since 1970 one of the young sets in New Chilean Song Moors was solo part of the years of new songs and has left his work printed records, live performances, plays, paintings, sculptures and songs. Training were the days of the movement in the '80s would be consolidated under the name of Canto Nuevo. But beyond the profile of singer shared by most of his colleagues, Patrick Liberona joined other disciplines in works like the musical "The Christ of the Pentagram" (1981) and "Huichipirichi" (1982), where he mixed theater, singing, painting, dance, sculpture, mime and poetry.


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