Monday, January 12, 2009

To Get A Marage Linces In Queens


Luis Fernando López García "Flopy" was born in Iquique, on 1 July 1960 . Artist with a sense of humor. certain degree of irony, sarcasm, humor absurd travel the broad theme to the beat of different folkloric rhythms, urban, pops, rock, latino, etc. "Flopy" is his artistic pseudonym. Music begins in 1977 in his hometown by winning the 1 st place of the Salesian Song. Later involved in various song festivals. In 1979 he moved to the fifth region (Valparaiso) to study at the University of Chile Pedagogy in Music Education. It integrates the movement of popular song in the fifth region, participating in university cafes, Peñas, Recitals. Actively participates in the Chilean Institute of Culture French Valparaiso (winning the prize awarded by the institution kite), shared recitals with members of the New Song movement emerging.


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