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Constipation 7 Week Old

The truth the dead in Gaza would be half reempplazo

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interviewed doctors in Gaza .....
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doubts about the death toll could be 600 and not 1300
"So the boys have
Hamas used as targets "residents of Gaza
accused Islamic militants:" We are prevented from leaving their homes and shooting from there, "

GAZA - 'Go, get out of here! Do you want the Israelis to kill us all? Want to see die under the bombs to our children? They took their weapons and missiles, "shouted one of the many inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to Hamas militants and their allies in the jihad Islamic. The bravest are organized and have banned the doors of their yards, nailed to the boards of buildings, locked up as we go along the stairs to the roof top. But for most of the guerrillas did not listen to anyone. "Traitors. Collaborating Israel. Fatah cowardly spies. The soldiers of holy war to punish. And in any case, all will die, like us. Attacking the Zionist Jews, we are all destined for paradise, not like to die together? ". And so angry shouting, breaking down the doors and windows, hid in the top floor, in the gardens, used ambulances, barricavano close hospitals, schools, buildings of the Assembly.

In extreme cases, fired on those who tried to block the way to save their families, or beating wildly. "The Hamas militiamen tried to put a good cause Israelis. They are often children, 16 or 17 years, armed with automatic pistol. They could not do anything against tanks and aircraft. They knew to be very weak. But they wanted to disappear into our homes and then charged with war crimes, claims Abu Issa, 42, resident in the neighborhood of Tel Awa. "Virtually all the tallest buildings in Gaza have been affected by Israeli bombs, as Dogmoush, Andalous, Jawarah, Siussi and many other ramps on the roof had rocket launchers, or views of Hamas. Li was also placed near the large deposits of United Nations then went on fire and the same goes for the villages along the border, then further devastated by the fury of the crowd and punitive Zionists ", the echoes of his cousin, Um Abdallah, 48. Using family nicknames. The details, but very detailed. E "is difficult to gather such evidence. In general, Hamas wins here fear and taboos ideological empire driven by a century of wars against the" Zionist enemy ".

Who tells a different version of the description provided by the "muhamawa" (resistance) is automatically a "amil, a collaborazione and threatens their lives. It helps, however the recent fratricidal clashes between Hamas and the PLO. If Israel had allowed foreign journalists to enter ol'Egitto would have been easier. These spaces are often threatened by Hamas. "There is a new reality in the Middle East between Arab societies lack the cultural tradition of human rights. It was under Arafat's regime, which the press was censored and persecuted. Hamas is even worse, "said Eyad Sarraj, a prominent psychiatrist in Gaza City. And there is another fact that is becoming increasingly evident to visit clinics, hospitals and families of victims of Israeli fire. Indeed, the number seems much lower than almost 1,300 deaths, in addition to about 5,000 injured, reported by the men of Hamas and repeated by United Nations officials and local Red Cross. "Death can not be more than 500 or 600. Mainly children between 17 and 23 years recruited from the ranks of Hamas that has literally sent to kill," said a hospital doctor Shifah not necessarily be said, is the risk of his life. One thing, however, also confirmed by local journalists: "We have already informed the heads of Hamas. Why do you insist on inflating the number of victims? Strano, among other things, that non-governmental organizations, including Westerners, without the submission of verification reports. In the end, the truth comes to light. It could be like in Jenin in 2002. Initially, we talk about 1,500 dead. Then he went only 54, including at least 45 guerrillas who died fighting.

As we arrived at these figures? "Take the case of the slaughter of the family of Al Zeitoun neighborhood Samoun. When the bombs hit their homes reported that 31 had died. And so it has been a Health Ministry official controlled by Hamas. But then, when bodies were recovered in fact the total sum doubled to 62 and so was to calculate the total budgets, "says Masod Al Samoun 24. It adds an interesting detail:" To confuse the water has special teams of Israel. His men were disguised as guerrillas of Hamas, with a green scarf tied in front with the usual registration there is no other god with Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. Intrufolavano lanes is to create chaos. We cry out, he feared reprisals. Then we understood that they were Israelis. "And" Just visit any hospital to understand that the accounts do not match. Many beds are free European all'Ospedale Rafah, one of which should involve the victims of the War tunnel "of Israel. The same goes for" Nasser "in Khan Yunis. Only 5 of 150 beds in the private sector are occupied Al-Amal. In the city of Gaza was evacuated Wafa, built with donations" Islamic charity " Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries, and bombed by Israel and the end of December. The institute is known as a stronghold of Hamas, its fighters were hospitalized here were wounded in the civil war with Fatah in 2007. The others were in part, Al-Quds, which was bombed during the second half of week of January.

He says that this Magahar to Rachmah, 25, resident of a dozen yards of the four major buildings in the complex health now severely damaged. "The men of Hamas have taken refuge mainly in the building that houses the administrative offices of Al-Quds. They used and forced the ambulance and nurses ambulanzieri to remove their uniforms with symbols of the paramedics, so better and could be confused Israeli sniper escape. This has reduced the number of beds available in health institutions in Gaza. Also, the Shifah, the largest hospital in the city, still very far from the record sold. It seems to be rather densely occupied its ground water . "Hamas had hidden there the cells and the emergency room for interrogation of prisoners of Fatah and the face secular left who were evacuated from the prison was bombed in Sarajevo, saying the militant Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It was a war in this war between Fatah and Hamas. The local humanitarian organizations, mostly controlled dall'Olp speak of dozens of executions, torture, kidnappings over the past three weeks, "perpetrated by Hamas. One of the most notorious cases is Shakhura Achmad, 47, resident town of Khan Yunis, and brother of Khaled, right hand of Mohammad Dahlan (former head of the security services of Yasser Arafat, now in exile) who was kidnapped on the orders of the secret police chief of Hamas, Abu Abdallah Al Kidra, and tortured, have destroyed the left eye and then was killed Jan. 15. Lorenzo Cremonesi

January 21, 2009


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