Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stomach Flu Or Stress?

30 Years in the popular song, 7 albums, 5 documentaries. Chilean singer-songwriter Jorge Venegas began his artistic career in 1977, being member of DUO SEED, the duo most known songs are: Man of Clay Springs Master, Two Cocks, Song for a lark, among others. These songs are edited in 1980 under the label Larch. In 1985 Jorge Venegas began operating as a songwriter, among the most popular songs we can mention the skinny, Tatiana in the wind, Master of springs etc. His artistic activity takes place mainly in Union, Towns, Universities, Popular Organizations and human rights groups. In 1988 he contributed a group of Chilean artists in the production of an album titled The camotazo, and in 1989 traveled to World Youth Festival in North Korea.



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